Iran’s real estate ceremony

On Wednesday 30th September 2015, the real estate ceremony was held in hall Yas 1 at Hotel Esteghlal to introduce the 3rd edition of real estate and property expo. In this event, hosts were the real estate Union and Banian Omid Co. and guests were from active and influential members of the real estate and construction industry in Iran.

The celebration conductor was as followed:



20:00 to 20:15

Quran reading and the national anthem

20: 15 to 20:30

Mr. Saleh Spasdar Tehran's speech (Director of Banian Omid)

20:30 to 20:45

Mr. Shahnam Spasdar Tehran's speech (Chairman of Banian Omid)

20:45 to 21:00

Welcome drinks and lodge

21:00 to 22:00

Mr. Hesam Oghbaei’s speech (president of the real estate and property union)

22:00 to 23:00

Dinner and desert


During the ceremony Mr. Shahnam Sepasdar Tehran, Saleh Sepasdar Tehran and Mr. Hesam Oghbaei gave a detailed explanation about goals and planning approach in order to develop and optimize the exhibition, a summary of which is presented below.


  1. 1.Showing the importance of real estate and housing and its principal place in the growth, stagnation or economic development of the country.
  2. 2.Introduction to the vast area of ​​foreign financing and investment opportunities in housing and real estate projects in Iran.
  3. 3.Attracting and leading domestic and foreign investment to enter this market in order to create growth and development.
  4. 4.Introducing the capability and facilities of mass and large developers which are active in the construction industry.
  5. 5.Helping to create a transparent workflow and tasks used in the construction market.
  6. 6.Creating balance and stability in prices and help control the nation's real estate and property rates.
  7. 7.Introducing latest industrial techniques, skill and facilities to improve quality, speed and reducing costs in construction.
  8. 8.Creating a space and framework for knowledge-based companies in order to benefit more from the latest knowledge and technologies and promote the latest scientific methods used in the construction.
  9. 9.Introducing new methods and the latest tools used in selling real estate and property around the world.
  10. 10.Increasing employment by investment in the construction industry which is much higher compared to other industries and services.


Special approaches of the 3rd edition:

  1. 1.Introducing the top real estate consultants in the country, as well as giving awards to them.
  2. 2.Creating a special opportunity for innovative ideas from the creative Real Estate companies of the country.
  3. 3.Inviting main construction industries players at international level who are willing to invest and develop projects in Iran in order to participate in this exhibition by covering the costs of their stay as a guest of the real estate Union and exhibition.
  4. 4.Allocating a space with different furniture and look for domestic construction projects which their owners are willing to have special sales at this exhibition. (Special sales can be arranged by offering discounts, finance facilities and privileges.)
  5. 5.Organizing workshops in order to introduce and teach the latest methods used in the industry.

Field of activity of exhibitors at the exhibition:

1. Real Estate and property agents.

2. Developers and construction companies.

3. Institutions for financing real estate and property.

4. Property leasing companies.

5. Investors in real estate and construction projects.

6. Architects and designers of construction projects.

7. Management and control of real estate and construction projects.

8. Companies and organizations for management, maintenance and operation of properties and buildings.

9. Real estate in free trade zones.

10. IT in real estate.

11. Operational management of properties.

12. Property and real estate marketing.

13. Educational institutions in real estate field.

Visitors at the exhibition:

1. People who wish to buy property or invest in construction and real estate industry.

2. Foreign people who are interested in investment at Iran’s property market.

3. Real Estate agents.

4. Governmental and private sectors

5. Enthusiasts who are keen to find out the latest methods of building and construction.

6. Architects and designers.

7. Potential participants of next year’s exhibition to evaluate the fair.

8. People who are interested to open a real estate office and company.

9. People who are interested to learn about the latest sales methods.

During the event registration forms were distributed among the guests, and the majority of guests registered their booth on the same day.

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