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Iran Property Expo 2020

Date: 23 - 26 January 2020

Venue: Tehran Permanent Fairground

Property has always been and will always be the most reliable and beneficial method of investment. However, according to the fast growing market and considerable diversity of products, as well as the prices of properties the key to a successful investment is finding the most suitable property.

There are thousands of developers with a large variety of residential and commercial projects in Iran. And it should be taken into account that not all developers are trust worthy. Therefore, finding a reliable proper property consultant is essential.

Iran Property Expo is show casing the whole property market in Iran, gathering four of the major property related subjects:

1. Developers

2. Property Consultants

3. Project Owners

4. Investors from all over the world

The exhibition provides a great opportunities to meet and compare with the key players and to find suitable investment opportunities in the market. If you are a developer, constructor or a real estate agent, and looking for opportunities to enter in to the market or get in contact with the emerging Iranian market, Iran Property Expo is the right platform for you.


Real estate prices have increased by more than 100% from 2007 to 2012, as Iranians seek a store of value in property and investment in land. Property is a tradtional habit since the ancient Persian empire. Ever since Iranians are eager to invest in the real estate market.


Iran Property Expo is a B2B Event in which foreign exhibitors are not allowed to sell units directly but they can promote their own company and make contact with the biggest real estate and developers in the region.


If you are a Developer, Constructor or a Real Estate agent and looking for opportunities to promote your Projects in a nonstop asking market of Iran for overseas properties and investment opportunities, Iran Property Expo is the right place for you.

Real estate prices were increased by more than 100% from 2007 to 2012, as Iranians seek a store of value in property, investment in land and property has been a habit since ancient Persian empire and Iranians have always had most of their investments in property market and as a result it is a nonstop growing market and a great place for investment.

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Iran-World-Map   Telephone: +982174501000 (30 Lines)

   Email: info@iranpropertyexpo.com

   Address: Lower Ground, Hall 5 (East Entry),Tehran Permanent Fairground, Chamran Highway Tehran, Iran